"We are under siege.

I slowly put down my phone on the cold kitchen counter.

Darkness is closing around us.

Grandma. Hospital. Cancer. Dementia. Pain. Nine month at best. Nine month at worst?

There are no miracles, no way out.

I am visiting her tomorrow. This is definitely going to be a downward spiral, but there are some rotten rabbit holes you have no choice but to jump in."

This story deals with hard themes such as old age, sickness, dementia, death and euthanasia.

This was just a set of stories we wanted to tell, and we hope the different paths they branch into will help us get across the idea that this is a game with no winners, only different ways to lose. Different ways to lose a person. And hopefully, different ways not to lose oneself.

We hope you like it!

Suikori (@MissMyu_) & Elnikow (@elnikow)